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experienced probate litigation attorney with more than 30 years of experience throughout Ohio.

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  • Law Office of Richard Kolb, LLC

Accomplished Ohio Probate Lawyer
Handles Will Contests, Trust Contests,
Inheritance Disputes and Other Related

Seasoned Toledo lawyer, with over over 35 years of
experience lawyer skillful counsel in estate disputes throughout Ohio

When you are engaged in a conflict over someone’s estate, it is crucial to understand the difference between a qualified probate litigator and a lawyer who concentrates on drafting wills and trusts. At the Law Office of Richard Kolb, LLC in Toledo, I represent clients throughout Ohio in a full range of probate litigation matters, including will contests, trust disputes, account beneficiary changes, and other estate conflicts. 100% of my practice is devoted to probate litigation. I understand probate law and combine that with a knowledge of litigation techniques. In an aging society, the prospect of estate exploitation has increased. If you have a legal concern in this area, I will give you the authoritative advice and skillful advocacy that you need.

Knowledgeable litigator with extensive experience in probate trials

For over 35 years, I have represented plaintiffs and defendants in hundreds of probate litigation cases throughout Ohio. Within an 11 month period, I tried three separate cases to a jury.  Clients and peers recommend me because they have found me to be:

  • Prepared — Whether or not your dispute goes to trial, your position is strengthened when you have an attorney who is willing to“go the distance” that is, willing to go to trial if necessary. I have tried numerous cases before juries and judges and won’t let you be pressured into accepting an inadequate settlement.
  • Insightful — My extensive background in this unique area of law enables me to analyze the dispute quickly and identify issues that other lawyers may miss. It can be costly to trust these legal challenges to someone who doesn’t understand the relevant and important practical considerations.
  • Affordable — Unlike most Ohio probate litigators, I take many cases on a contingency fee basis. This means my fee is set as a percentage of the recovery you obtain. Other cases blend contingency fees with hourly rates. Both fee arrangements make me available to clients who could not afford to pay an attorney on strictly an hourly fee basis.

No matter how complicated your situation is or what type of financial resources you have, I can provide the professional legal representation that you deserve.

Experienced Ohio lawyer delivers effective results in  emotionally charged situations

Estate conflicts that occur after a death are often more than legal disputes. They can be highly emotional matters, for example when a child is excluded by a parent.  Passions run high.  I make every effort to calm the passions rather than fan the flames.

Practice Areas:

  • Probate litigation — I assist individuals and families in all aspects of probate litigation.
  • Will and trust contests — Whether you are challenging or defending a will or trust, I prepare the strongest possible case on your behalf.
  • Beneficiary designations — Questions about joint and survivorship, transfer on death, payable on death, beneficiary designations, etc. can have significant consequences. On a regular basis, my firm handles conflicts concerning the beneficiary designations on deeds and financial accounts.
  • Second spouse disputes — Disagreements between a second spouse and the decedent’s children from a prior marriage are often contentious. I handle second spouse disputes in a fair, sensible manner.
  • Farm inheritance disputes — Estates that include a farm inheritance often present challenges to farm families. Dividing the ground between children who remain to work on the farm versus those who moved away can be very difficult. I advise clients on ways to protect their rights while resolving family differences.

Problems with wills and trusts don’t go away on their own. If you do not address them, you may regret it. Retaining qualified legal support promptly can help you to avoid disqualification by statutes of limitations (which are often very short) and avert unnecessary stress and expense down the road.

Contact a dedicated Ohio probate litigation lawyer

The Law Office of Richard Kolb, LLC represents clients throughout Ohio in a complete range of probate litigation matters. Many of my clients live in other states; it doesn’t matter. Call 419-244-3006 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation in person or by phone.