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A farm inheritance dispute arises when I challenge or defend the validity of the will, trust, or deed involving a farm. This is a common situation that comes up when an owner of a farm dies. Frequently the owner of a farm has several children and one or a few of them assist with the farming process while he is alive while the other children move on to other occupations.

Estate planning disputes on a farm

A farm owner may be torn between the prospect of leaving his farm only to those who helped him up to his death or to equally divide his farm among all his children. If he leaves his farm to all his children, then those who have assisted with the farm are faced with paying for the share going to the non-farm children and this often requires them to incur debt to make the payment. On the other hand, if he only leaves the farm to those who remained helping him then it is a form of rejection to those who chose to move on.

Many farmers wish to keep the farm intact and fear that the other children who have not remained on the farm will force its sale to receive their inheritance. A solution to this problem is to give the children who helped with the farm the first right to buy out those who have moved on.

Sometimes farmers, if they have sufficient cash, will leave non-farm assets to other children. Other times farmers acquire life insurance to assure equal treatment of all children including those who are no longer farming.

An Ohio farm inheritance dispute lawyer can help

Not that long ago, farm land was selling at $2,000-3,000 per acre but today, farm land has vastly increased in value, often selling at $7,000+per acre. Thus, even a 100-acre farm at $7,000/acre is worth $700,000. Farm disputes are handled in the same manner that I have discussed with respect to will contests and trust contests. For examples of some of the cases I have handled, see Sample Cases.

I am one of the few attorneys in Ohio who is willing to consider these cases on a contingency fee basis. This makes my services available to people who cannot otherwise afford to pay a lawyer on an hourly basis. I am also willing to consider an hourly fee arrangement or a combination of the two. I handle cases throughout the state of Ohio. Call 419-244-3006 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation in person or by phone.