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Ohio Second Spouse Will Disputes and the Children of a Prior Marriage

Many of my cases involve a dispute between a second spouse and the children of a prior marriage. Often a person is married for many years to the initial spouse but after the spouse dies, he/she then gets remarried and this is where the trouble begins.

A person in this situation has a dual loyalty between the children of the prior marriage on the one hand and the second spouse on the other. Often the longer the second marriage, the greater the loyalty to the second spouse. If either the second spouse or the children are financially disadvantaged, then that fact also comes into play.Since people are living longer today there is a greater likelihood of a second marriage than there was years ago.

Pre-nuptial or ante-nuptial agreements in a will dispute

People entering a second marriage often sign a pre-nuptial or ante-nuptial agreement; these agreements must be entered fairly and with full disclosure. Further, these agreements do not prevent financial abuse because they do not prevent the signor from changing his will, trust, or from making beneficiary changes on financial accounts that benefit the second spouse when the person loses capacity or is under undue influence.

When second marriage litigation arises, it is often in the form of a:

Second marriage disputes are handled in the same manner that I have discussed with respect to will contests and trust contests.

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